About Reverberance

February 28, 2014

All civilizations honour the story-teller,  and poetry is one of the highest forms of narration.  While in past centuries great honour was accorded to those who related and recorded  the history, whether factual or mythical, of a race, this art is in decline, largely due to the rise of multimedia entertainment in an increasingly globalized society.  Reverberance is dedicated to preserving and promoting the arts and methods  of the rhapsodes,  those who entertain and instruct by  weaving stories around the universal truths which underlie all myth and legend.  

While ancient Greek rhapsodes were professional performers of poetry, the contemporary rhapsode may be either a professional or an amateur, depending on the definitions one accepts for those terms. Reverberance seeks to make performed poetry available to the general public for free, with no commercial ties.   This site has been developed to encourage the loftiest view of the amateur performer as one who plies his art and craft for the love of it, the greatest incentive for excellence in performance.

The audio production branch of this initiative, Rhapsodize Audio,  was established early in 2012 and now  features fourteen  rhapsodes hailing from the United States,  Canada,  Great Britain, and Australia. The rapidly increasing catalogue of audio recordings includes presentations of monuments of classic poetry, commentaries and collections of verse built around a common theme.